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Is your team set up for success?

We want you to answer YES to these questions:

  • Do your staff feel motivated, valued and trusted even at the busiest of times, scratch that, especially at your busiest times?
  • Is conflict in your team embraced as an opportunity to build, rather than avoided or seen as a battleground?
  • Are people’s differences understood and celebrated?

Running a company and getting the best out of your team is tricky, especially during times of change.  We show you how to develop your workforce so they can grow your business.

Got a people knot? We’ll help you to unravel it.

Our workshops will leave you equipped to say YES and make your team extraordinary.


We use our TRAIT test and workshops to create teams that fly.

The TRAIT (Training Rock Animal Influencer Traits) test uses animal avatars to represent the nine main behavioural traits and gives you a light, non-threatening language to address difficult issues.

By shining a spotlight on the behaviours and traits in your team,  we unravel the knots that get in the way.

Who’s your main Animal Influencer?


Who can we help?

  • Businesses who can’t answer ‘yes’ to the questions above
  • Teams who aren’t all pulling in the same direction
  • People who need to interact effectively with other people at work (oh wait, that’s everyone)

      What Our Clients Say

      “Learning about my influencers and other people’s influencers has made me much more effective and confident……one of the most eye opening training courses I’ve been on… ”

      Corrine Blake, HR Manager, Quill Ltd.