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Jo Andrews

Jo cut her teeth as a trainer at First Direct and progressed to International Training Manager at American Express, delivering Leadership training globally. 

Developing people has always been at the heart of Jo’s work, be it in Finance, Travel, Retail or the Fitness Industry. People are people, whatever the sector. 

Katie Boston

Before becoming a coach and trainer, Katie held senior positions in TV Management, working with all of the leading UK and international broadcasters.

She has worked with hundreds of teams bringing out the best in people from runners to celebrity presenters. 

Between them, Katie and Jo have trained hundreds, maybe thousands of people. They met in the noughties at their kids’ primary school  PTA meeting where Jo was the outgoing PTA Chair.  By the end of the meeting, Katie had been press-ganged to take over the role as the new Chair.  Jo is still laughing and Katie has never forgiven her.

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