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Our  founders

The Training Rock was formed in August 2020 by former American Express International Training Manager Jo Andrews and Senior TV Production Manager Katie Boston.

The pair’s skills complement each other perfectly; Katie’s creative, motivational Ant traits combined with Jo’s driven, goal focused Cheetah traits, result in a dynamic duo achieving outstanding results

Jo Andrews

Jo has been transforming normal people into exceptional leaders for more than 25 years.

 Launching her training career at First Direct, Jo then moved to American Express, going on to train leaders in cities across the UK and Europe, and as far afield as Australia and Canada.

 That culminated in Jo designing and delivering a “Train the trainer” workshop, with some of Amex’s top international trainers gathering in Brighton for a  training masterclass which became the global corporation’s international blueprint for training leaders. 

 After leaving at the end of the 1990s, Jo then worked for an additional two years as a consultant for Amex, subsequently moving full-time into freelance coaching and leadership training for 20 years before forming The Training Rock with Katie.

 When she’s not in a training room/zoom, she’s a keen sportswoman (a double world record holder!) and a Mum to three humans and two labradors.

Her top 3 influencers are Cheetah, Lion and Dog.

Our People
Our People
Our People
Our People

Katie Boston

Katie is a TV legend who takes pressure in her stride, a trained business coach and a secret stand-up comedian.

Beginning her TV career in 1996, Katie soon earned a reputation as the go-to woman in TV production, working on outside broadcasts, documentary series and live sports events.

She worked for all of the biggest names in television production; her credits include Question Time, Robot Wars, Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle, Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts and Supernanny.

 After making a break from TV, Katie retrained as a business coach where she transformed many lives before forming The Training Rock with Jo.

Within The Training Rock, Katie puts her TV experience to good use, often recreating leadership scenarios and providing plenty of opportunities to safely experiment with different approaches to handling “Not quite making the grade Katie”, “lethargic Katie” or (for the bravest trainees) “Menopausal Katie” during role-plays.

Katie’s top 3 influencers are Ant, Dog and Cheetah.

Our People
Our People
Our People
Our People


Our associates

Jo and Katie also work with a range of experienced associates across the UK.
Their expertise in a wide range of fields is a key ingredient in ensuring The Training Rock always delivers on its promise to transform normal people into exceptional leaders.

Start your journey now. 

Let us transform how you lead.