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Build a high trust, collaborative Leadership Team

Turn your business into a smooth-running operation built on a culture of trust with this fresh approach to leadership training

Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme

Gone are the days of results-focused leadership.

Relationship focussed leadership is the future of sustainable growth.

The reason is simple…

When your team feels seen, heard, and valued they are more likely to commit to their goals and work harder to achieve better results.

Understanding what drives our behaviour and the behaviour of others is all it takes to start having effective conversations that swap confusion, angst, and tension for clarity, camaraderie, and momentum.

When your leaders understand that we are inherently different, not inherently difficult, they can communicate with empathy and be the leader their team needs them to be.

Here’s why this matters:

Poor leadership will cost you more than you realise


57% of employees quit because of their boss

DDI World


79% of employees quit because they don’t feel appreciated

OC Tanner Research


7% of total revenue can be lost to poor leadership

Blanchard Company


1.5 to 2 x employee annual salary is the cost of employee turnover


Yet, give your leadership team the support they need to be truly exceptional and it’s a wildly different story:


256% ROI based on 12% higher team productivity and retention

Harvard University


48% higher profits directly linked to effective leadership



20% increase in leadership performance

Research Gate


4.2 times more likely to outperform underdeveloped leader

Global Leadership Forecast

That’s where we come in…

Lead Your Culture

Put your full leadership team through our 8 week battle-tested training tailored to your organisation’s values and goals.

Empower your people to lead with understanding and openness so you can make bigger, better progress as a united collective.

Lead Your Culture is based on The Training Rock Method, which is the result of 20 years of iteration.

It exists to repair broken relationships, restore trust, and strengthen your leadership teams.

The trick here is not to try and change any one person within your team.

It’s for all parties to understand the impact of their behaviour on others.

We begin with self-leadership because, let’s face it, if you can’t lead yourself what chance do you have of leading anyone else?

Introducing the Animal Influencers 

Team Leadership Programme
Team Leadership Programme

Let’s take the difficult out of difficult conversations.

At the heart of our methodology is our Trait Test™

The Trait Test™ is based on the same psychological principles as MBTI and the Enneagram – Carl Yung is behind it all.

We haven’t reinvented the wheel here.

Instead, we use 9 animal influencers to help your leaders understand their strengths, vulnerabilities, and fears and those of their colleagues.

Each delegate will take the test and be given their top three dominant influencers and their corresponding behaviour traits.

That’s when the fun begins…

Are you an Ostrich going face-to-face with a Lion?

The Training Rock. Leadership Training. Ostrich.

Does an Ant in your team drive your Honeybee crazy?

The Training Rock. Leadership Training. Honeybee.
The Training Rock. Leadership Training. Ant.

Is your Cat insensitive to the needs of a colleague’s Dog?

The Training Rock. Leadership Training. Cat.

When you know who you are and who you are dealing with, you can navigate even the most challenging conversations with control and psychological safety.

It’s seemingly simplistic but don’t be fooled…

A recent client told us that the animal influencers “…feel much lighter but much deeper (than other similar tools), and immediately logical and useable”. 

Simple. Accessible. Memorable.

(Our clients love it!)

The Impact

When your leaders better understand the lens through which they view the world AND the lens through which their teammates view the world (adapting their communication style accordingly), that’s when employees:

❌ Stop feeling dismissed, misunderstood, and overlooked
✅ Start feeling seen, heard, and valued

❌ Stop fearing judgement from the eye-rollers and FAB-bers (folded arms brigade)
✅ Start feeling safe to voice their opinions and concerns

❌ Stop avoiding (or bulldozing their way through) difficult conversations
✅ Start having confident and constructive conversations that count

❌ Stop working in organisational silos
✅ Start working as one connected entity

When that happens your business as a whole will reap the rewards…

Great talent will choose to stick around

Productivity and motivation will jump through the roof

You can wave goodbye to unproductive conflict

The process step by step

#1. Before anything else, your CEO and/or Senior Leadership Team will help us understand your organisation’s values and define the culture you want to create.

The training will be tailored to reflect this.

#2. Delegates will be invited to take the TRAIT Test™ (time to find out their top three animal influencers!). We’ll then speak to each one individually to prep them for the work ahead.

#3. Now the real work begins. We’ll meet for 2 x 2 hours per week for 8 weeks of hands-on ‘get stuck in’ training (that your leaders will be sad to see end!).

Dates and times will be agreed upon in advance.

Space is available for up to 10 leaders per course.

#4. After the group sessions end, each delegate will even be offered 1:1 coaching to help them capitalize on their training and grow as a leader.

#5. Two to three months after the training, you’ll be offered a follow-up group session to check that everyone is heading in the right direction and troubleshoot any challenges.

Let’s be honest, you’ve got a smorgasbord of options when it comes to leadership development programmes. So we know you’re wondering…

How is The Training Rock different?

Other leadership training programmes

The Training Rock Method

Time is spent thinking about new ways of behaving without the implementation.

More time is spent reading a textbook or worksheet than practising what they’ve learned.

TTR places a heavy emphasis on role-play
(Don’t worry, that initial *cringe* wears off quickly. By week four your leaders will be desperate to be chosen!)

Participants will learn and develop through practical application using real-life scenarios, with immediate (and honest!) feedback.

Held over 1-2 days
You’re given the knowledge but not the time or support to help you apply it.

4 hrs per week over 8 weeks
Your leaders commit to change and progress.

They will be given the time needed to practice in real life (not just in the training), absorb feedback, adjust, and try again.

Lack of habit forming
Leaders may leave with a new way of thinking, but not a new way of behaving.

Building new habits
By the end of the 8 weeks your leaders will create new neural pathways and already begin changing their behaviour.

Multiple tools, models, and skills…
EQ, time management, productivity skills, people management skills, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, strategic planning, negotiation and persuasion, etc.

Often taught within 2-3 days or less.

The T.R.U.S.T Model
The T.R.U.S.T Model can be applied to every behavioural issue in the workplace.

Leaders learn to both role model, and challenge non-compliance to, the behaviours which build TRUST.

When you understand your default behaviours (the TRAITS) and how they build or break trust, you can navigate any conversation:

  •     Giving difficult feedback
  •     Addressing poor performance
  •     Navigating Conflict
  •     Negotiating work terms
  •     Delegating tasks


How to lead others
“This is how you get this person to do this thing…”

How to lead yourself (self-leadership)
“Lead yourself first so that others choose to follow you”

Broad application
You’re often left with a feeling of, “So how do I apply that to me and my situation?”

Deeply individual
Your leaders will begin with deep (often challenging) self-exploration in a psychologically safe and supportive environment.

Every touchpoint to follow shows them exactly how this knowledge of self and others can be applied to the challenges they face right now.

Love you and leave you
Once the course is over, you’re left to your own devices whether your leaders are ready or not.

One-to-one support
Following the 8-week group training, 1:1 coaching support is available to your attendees as they put what they’ve learned into real-world practice.

Is this right for your business?

The answer is yes.

Because it’s not about the industry, it’s about the people.

From start-ups to global corporations, here are a handful of industries we’ve worked with:

  • Accounting services
  • Design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Legal services
  • Marketing and communications
  • Professional Services 
  • Media and entertainment
  • Recruitment
  • Retail
  • Sport
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Beer (that was fun!)

Meet the Training Rock Team

We’re an elite team of people-first leadership trainers with over six decades of experience between us.

We’ve been knee-deep in the trenches and have experienced both work-enhancing and soul-crushing leadership.

Everything we do now is to turn good people into great leaders so the entire organisation benefits.

Jo Andrews

  • Cheetah, Lion, Dog
  • Co-Founder of The Training Rock
  • Co-creator of the Trait Test™
  • 25 years of leadership development experience.
  • Nickname – Queen of Communication/Truth Warrior
  • Fitness junkie
The Training Rock. Leadership Training. Jo Andrews

Katie Boston

  • Ant, Dog, Lion
  • Co-Founder of The Training Rock
  • Co-creator of the Trait Test™
  • Trainer, actress, coach, and expert in team dynamics
  • Secret stand up comedian
  • Your role-play partner
    (She won’t go easy on you and you’ll love her for it!)
Katie Boston

Hakim Lakhdar

  • Ant, Dog, Lion
  • NLP Certified Coach
  • Two decades spent developing leadership programmes for institutions like the American Bar Association and Harvard Law School.
  • Father of twin boys and in his (limited..!) spare time, is an incredible singer/guitarist!
Hakim Lakhdar

There’s an overlooked growth opportunity standing right in front of you…

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until your leaders are ‘ready’ or the business is at a certain level of profitability before investing in their development.

The change you wish to see can be rapid. 

The return on investment can be right around the corner. 

Like Julian Byran, Executive Chairman at Quill, whose business went from mismanaged chaos to landing three Best Companies awards within 8 months of working together…

Unlike alternative training approaches, these methods stick.

We also understand that this can feel like quite a commitment.

So we’ll leave you on this note… a quick before-and-after conversation between our co-founder, Jo, and one of our recent clients who had the same hesitations.

It went like this (verbatim)… 

Before: “Jo, for this level of investment, this has to work”

After: “HO-LY SH*T!”  (Ryan Allis, CEO, The 5th Ingredient)

Book a call today and allow us to show you how this leadership training will promote a healthy and productive culture in your organisation that supports your growth goals.

Here’s what other clients had to say…